If you enjoy re-creating World War, fantasy and science fiction battles in the form of miniature war games then discover the Flames of War collection. A tactical war game produced by Battlefront Miniatures, Flames of War gives players everything they need to create an authentic battlefield, and all the infantry and warriors you could possibly need to re-enact the events of WWII.

The first Flames of War rulebook was released in 2002, and they have since gone on to write a whole selection of books covering specific events of the past.

The Blitzkrieg is a wonderfully detailed early War book that covers a variety of interesting topics about early warfare, including manoeuvre of firepower, armoured trains, motorcycles and the trials and tribulations that the military were subjected to during this fascinating war period.

A book for every miniature war game enthusiast, The Blitzkrieg by Flames of War is packed with tips and tricks to help you play a more authentic battle.

Earth & Steel is another popular book in the Flames of War collection, covering the German defence of France in 1944.  Featuring detailed information on the German Warriors including Major Han von Luck and Hauptmann Karl-Heinz Noak, this fascinating book provides you with all the tools you need to re-enact this interesting event.

There are several different books available in the Flames of War collection, so go one step further than the rulebook and discover a whole new world of miniature war games.