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Model kits - Not just vehicles!
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Model kits - Not just vehicles!

Posted on Tuesday 7th of February 2012

If you're new to the world of model kits, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's all ships, planes and tanks. However, most manufacturers produce a range of fantastic historical figures.

Being very interested in medieval history, my favourite model kit is this fantastic Sheriff of Nottingham set from Airfix. It includes 30 figures to be painted, and each one has their own individual details. The 1st British Airborne Division were among the bravest...Read More

Medieval Model Kits!
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Medieval Model Kits!

Posted on Friday 17th of February 2012

Chances are, when you think of model kits you think WWII or modern day aircraft and ships, right? Well, if you're hankering after a kit that's a little bit different, then check out our medieval model kits!

I'm certain everyone's heard of the legend of Robin Hood and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. A great model kit to start with, this comes with 30 individual models, and that includes 6 horses. All 30 are uniquely modelled and even have their own...Read More